The White House Wants Women To Be Drafted For The Military

Umm, yay equality?

Eventually, non-voluntarily fighting in unethical wars will be something all genders will have forced upon them! The White House recently announced its support of including women in military drafts, acting as if the improvement to the heinous practice of drafting people for battle in the first place is some kind of wonderful step towards equality.

"As old barriers for military service are being removed, the administration supports — as a logical next step — women registering for the Selective Service," said Ned Price, a spokesman for the White House’s National Security Council, using the formal name for the military draft.

The White House also suggested that they were committed to a completely voluntary military and that the draft would not be implemented "unless there were a national emergency like a major world war."

With Barack Obama leaving the White House and a still-uncooperative Congress obstructing him every step of the way, there is little likelihood that an actual policy change will be implemented any time soon. Nonetheless, even the Pentagon agrees that creating more room for gender equality in battle is a good idea.

Unsurprisingly, Republicans (who will soon control the White House) are not behind this move. Rep. Pete Sessions described the provision as "coercing America's daughters" into draft registration. Other conservatives "decried it as another step toward the blurring of gender lines akin to allowing transgender people to use public lavatories and locker rooms," reports the AP.

Hey, equality is great! But maybe abolishing the draft and fighting fewer wars is a better way to go about pursuing human dignity, in general.

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