The White House's LGBT Rights Page Has Been Deleted

The pages for civil rights and climate change have also disappeared.

By Eric Shorey

While Donald Trump has been unclear about his intentions for the LGBTQ community, Vice President Mike Pence has worked against sexual minorities for most of his career as one of the most staunchly anti-gay politicians in America. Now, not even a few hours into the new presidency, the LGBT rights page on the White House's website has been deleted.

According to Tech Crunch, the page (and the pages for civil rights and climate change!) was temporarily replaced with a generic Donald Trump transition splash page. Here's a screenshot of what used to exist:

And here's what the page looked like only an hour into Trump's presidency:

Links to the LGBT sub-site have been entirely erased, as well as all mentions of LGBT people.

The LGBT site was created during the Obama administration to highlight the advances and progress made by his administration.

It is possible to speculate that the new administration is currently in the process of changing a lot of the website, so the move may be slightly less nefarious than it looks. It seems equally as likely that the Trump team actually doesn't care about LGBTQ people at all ... or are actively working towards taking away our rights.

[Photo: Screenshot]

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