The Wu Tang Vs. Martin Shkreli Feud Getting Serious

Wu tang clain ain't nothing to ... well, you know.

By Eric Shorey

Ultra wealthy garbage human Martin Shkreli, who once jacked up price of inexpensive medicines simply because he could, has been in a feud with Wu Tang Clan members for a while now. See: the whole things started when, shortly before his arrest, Shkreli purchased an ultra-limited edition Wu Tang Clan album for $2 million dollars, much to the group's chagrin. Shkreli thought he would jokingly engage the Wu with some light viral videos, but Ghostface Killah and his boys ain't having it.

Shkreli's troll video, as is his entire troll edifice, was hardly worth commenting on, largely because he's a rich, out of touch, and rather evil white boy attempting to pick a joke-fight with some well-respected rappers. Here it is if you're curious for some reason, although I don't know how anyone could stand the sound of his grating, smug voice:

Just yesterday, Ghostface retorted with a 12 minute video in which he skewered the ultra-capitalist with both silly memes and dead serious retorts. Gawker writer Jordan Sargent explains

"If at any point in the last several months you’ve wanted to tell Martin Shkreli what a bad man he is, I suggest you watch it. It will be very cathartic. Though Ghostface lobs some benign disses at Shkreli—calling him Peter Pan, showing a meme that compares him to Pee-wee Herman, and repeating that he must have been on Ritalin as a kid, which strikes me as true—he spends much of the video excoriating Shkreli not for inflaming a legendary rap group but for his original sin: raising the price of his life-saving AIDS drug by 5000%."

Here's the response video:

“How they gon’ live, man?” Ghost asks, sincerely angry about the original inciting incident. “You a real killer, man. But you a soft killer. You a baby, man.”

It should go without saying, but:

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