The Zola Twitter Story Has A Director: James Franco

Let's just hope the original author is getting some coin from this whole thing.

By Eric Shorey

Maybe we took the viral Zola twitter story a little too seriously when we reviewed it as a serious piece of literature a while back. Turns out we weren't the only ones: now, James Franco is set to direct a film adaptation of the entire ordeal. Somehow, this isn't surprising at all.

If we were being generous, we'd say that this is a logical extrapolation of Franco's early oeuvre, which focused heavily on non-normative sexual practices. If we were being cynical we'd say that this is a cheap attention grab for a proven narcissist. Either way, it's happening. For real.

According to Rolling Stone: "Franco is slated to direct and co-produce the film with Vince Jolivette via their Rabbit Bandini Productions. Killer Films' Christine Vachon and David Hinojosa and Gigi Films' Gia Walsh and Karen Baker are also producers. Neel and Mike Roberts serve as the scriptwriters."

Since the debut of the narrative on social media, many of the claims made in it have been disputed:

Whether the original tale is fictional or factual hardly matters. We're just hoping that the original author, Aziah "Zola" Wells, is getting some coin from this whole thing.

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