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There's A Documentary About Twerking And It's Called "Twerkumentary"

Spaghetto interviews your faves and gets down to the history of the popular dance.

We've delved somewhat deeply into the history of twerking here, but some intrepid filmmakers are getting straight up academic about the lovable rump-shaking dance. A director named Spaghetto will be releasing a documentary about the proud heritage of bending over and busting it open, lovingly titled Twerkumentary.

Spaghetto will be using twerking as a means of examining the spread of fads through media and the politics of mainstream cooptation of underground and/or racialized styles. The project was originally launched in 2014 via Indiegogo and will finally be released this December.

“Making this documentary has been a long and interesting journey that took me all over the world,” Spaghetto said to Variety. “It started because I wanted people to understand more about the origins of the dance and I also wanted to explore some of the topics that its pop evolution generated; cultural appropriation, feminism, freedom of expression, social media and trends."

The film will also feature interviews and dance from Big Freedia, Diplo, E­40, George Clinton, Ham on Everything, Khia, Kreayshawn, Mike G, Too Short and DJ Jubilee.

While some may claim the great twerking crazy of two years ago has come to a conclusion, artists like the aforementioned Big Freedia have continued to spread messages of positivity and empowerment through the dance.

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