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There's Allegedly Footage Of Donald Trump Saying The N-Word Floating Around

And it looks like we'll be seeing it sooner than later...

Just when you think it could get no worse, in walks horrific! Donald Trump took a lot of L's last night, between debate win by Clinton, the absurd slut-shaming of women, the "locker room talk" excuse for sexual assault, and more. So if you're like the rest of us, you're probably assuming that the height of the Trump scandals has been reached. 

According to an ex-Apprentice producer, however, it's about to get much worse.

So, what's the hoopla about? Apparently, there's video of Trump saying horrible things on The Apprentice, including his use of the n-word which could be considered "much worse" than the horrible "grab them by the p*ssy" audio vid that's already caused a historical firestorm.

While Trump already being in trouble by the general level-headed public, the GOP is apparently done sticking up for him as well. House Speaker Paul Ryan has basically signaled his party to give up the Presidential race and focus on the Senate, and the GOP has cancelled all support moving forward for the controversial Republican nominee.

Still, many want to see and hear the tapes (as if we need more proof to determine the type of person he is). People at Wikileaks are ready to get their hands on the material, too:

But really, I think this guy has the right idea: 

Reportedly, employees of the show have been threatened by The Apprentice's show producer with a $5 million lawsuit should the footage leak, but rich Hillary supporters like David Brock are already to pony up the cash. I'm not committed to hearing yet another racist man use the n-word, but I am committed to seeing this downfall continue. 

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