These 11 Hip-Hop Artists Are Exactly Like These 'Game Of Thrones' Characters

The two coveted thrones finally meet.

By Jazzi Johnson

Game of Thrones and its coveted Season 6 is now less than a week away, and its fans--including me-- couldn't be more excited. While I'm shaking in my boots to learn the fate of Jon Snow, I'm also reminded about my other favorite game to watch: hip-hop. And the similarities are striking (though luckily, in hip-hop it's a lot less deadly these days).

From rap battles to love triangles and beyond, here are 11 rappers matched with their Game of Thrones parallel.

1. . Kendrick Lamar: Tyrion Lannister

Kendrick Lamar is the perfect counterpart to Tyrion. He's bold, smart, strategic, and well-- he's not the tallest guy in the world, either. In Season 5, Tyrion suffered a hell of a fall from grace, and Kendrick did the same not too long ago. However, Lamar has redeemed himself, and remains among hip-hop's favorite gem. He continues to push the envelope and even calls himself "King Kendrick." Sound familiar? I'm hoping the same future for my favorite imp.

2. . Nicki Minaj: Daenerys Targaryen

Nicki Minaj has been a serious force in hip-hop ever since her appearance on "Monster" with The Throne themselves, Kanye and Jay Z. She's head of her own empire, and has her eyes on the top spot -- which typically belongs to men. Daenerys' determination to rule the kingdoms is similar in that it isn't far from possible, and her moves from Season 1 to now are evident. Both of their stories started with great love (Safaree as Drogo?), but now that their both (kinda) single-- they're back on track and ready to conquer. I'm ready to see the next few years of both of their lives! 

3. . Lil Kim: Cersei Lannister

If we're going to talk about the imminent queen, then we must discuss the queen that is or was. Lil Kim, who came in the game known as Queen B*tch, is the equal counterpart to Cersei for more reason than one. Not only are these two women in denial about the change of tides (Cersei's rival with Margaery Tyrell and Kim's feud with Nicki Minaj), but they both are rather open in their sexual endeavors: Cersei's insestuous love in a temple, and the groundbreaking sexual prowess on Kim's Hardcore album. Granted, both still maintain their titles, but things just aren't the same. Cersei has been publicly shamed and Lil Kim barely looks like Lil Kim anymore -- and dare I even discuss her music? Still, I'll forever be a fan of the two. Cersei is the snarky gift that keeps on giving and Lil Kim is just... Lil Kim. Never can there be a replacement. 

4. . Drake: Jon Snow

Let's be real. Not much needs to be said here. Jon Snow's sex appeal is just so real, and while people make fun of Drake for his-- the proof is in the pudding. Snow's love affair with Ygritte ended in a way that only Drake could truly empathize with. Snow, who was confidently flexing his virginity before Ygritte came along, found new motivation for the truth and survival after meeting his befallen love. While Drake has yet to admit the same, his music is proof that all of his relationships have had a significant hold on him. Similarly, these two are the underdogs no one saw coming. Always expect the unexpected.

5. . Willow Smith: Arya Stark

Willow Smith and Arya Stark are two of my favorite people, and for similar reasons. First off, they each have influential,  empowering older brothers, and are the offspring of two powerful and respected persons. Furthermore, they knowingly deflect gender norms to get what they want, how they want it. Even moreso, they're both super young and talented. Willow Smith has already proven her musical, modeling, and acting skills while Arya is perfecting her sword and a rather wild way of life. These two young women are on their way to something magical and all of their doing. 

6. . Chris Brown: Joffrey Baratheon

If you know anything about King Joffrey, you know that he was an ass. He was an ass who deserved a good flogging for his devious ways in the (guesstimated) 16th century. But there was an air of resilience in him about his assholedness-- you always had hope that maybe this time is the time he'll do right. That one day he'd stop acting out of spite, and use his heart and honor. If that doesn't sound like Chris Brown to you, then you're probably just a stan. I mean, yes, Chris didn't have his future father-in-law's head cut off, you know what I mean? But, there was that thing with R... but anyway. The point is: these two are known douchebags. They're not bad to look at, they're absolutely entertaining, and the things that they say will literally leave you in awe. Naivete was always considered the eventual downfall of these two. One has already succumb, so maybe the other will learn from example? Maybe.

7. . 50 Cent: Tywin Lannister

Tywin Lannister and 50 Cent are two men with empires who will do anything to keep it running. 50 Cent will say anything if it means he'll be able to keep his money, and Tywin will well, do literally anything including kill his own family. They're both deathly afraid to lose their positions of power, and both of them have some fairly troubling relationships with their children, too.  

8. . Prince: Lord Varys

Prince and Lordy Varys are easily my favorite individually, so thinking about their simialrities is like talking up a kid at the candy store for me. First off, their sexuality has always been the center of attention. Lord Varys who admittedly no longer has a male-part, and Prince whose smooth, gender-bending norm has always been at the peak of his mystery. Besides that, they're both queens of the side-eye and shade. They walk with class and sass and you never know what to expect next. Every moment with them is just oh-so-glorious.

9. . Rihanna: Melisandre

This one's fairly simple. Rihanna is ruler of all things desire. Melisandre ruled Stannis Baratheon by enticing him sexually and spiritually. She had him all wrapped up in her world, to the point where he rid of his beloved daughter after a brief convincing. She encouraged him to step out of his marriage, and even convinced his wife that it was all in good fortune. Rihanna's no evildoer here (as far as I know), but her love and the desire for her love has lead to club fightsheartfelt songs, brokenhearted documentaries, and public embarrasment-- though never to her dismay. They're both fully aware of their powers and aren't afraid to use them.

10. . Azealia Banks: Petyr Baelish

Yup, you read that correctly. Azealia Banks is Petyr Baelish! There's so much intelligence these two have, it never ceases to become dangerous (or scandalous) at some point or another. Baelish is certainly more conniving and deceitful than Banks, but Banks is similarly known to stay mysterious. She's a sweet girl who means well, but her ego tends to get in the way... and Baelish is also someone who many look up to, until it's too late (think Ros). Sometimes I just want to yell "Think harder first!" From Petyr forcing Sansa to the Bolton's, to Banks endorsing Donald Trump-- sometimes, it's just all too much.

11. . Meek Mill: Jaime Lannister

Ah, how the fallen rise again. Well, usually, right? In this case, these two have fallen and are attempting to make a comeback. Meek Mill had that horrible battle with Drake that didn't end well, and Jaime Lannister had that whole let-me-save-the-day attempt that left him without his most prized right hand. Before the fall, these two were at the height of their careers. As they attempt to redeem themselves, all eyes are on their next move. Some have simply lost faith, but at least they still have love.

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