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These 4 Modern Bra Brands Are Changing The Game

Say goodbye to trying too hard to be sexy, and say hello to being comfortable and confident in your own skin.

Bra shopping: it's a horror that most women know all too well. The horrible fluorescent lighting, the badly-fitting bras, the long afternoons spent in one tiny, cramped changing room; after a while, it all starts to feel like one long, drawn-out attack on your confidence.

As a result, having to buy new bras is more of a chore than a fun outing for most women, especially when you consider all the unspoken pressure to be sexy that many women feel when they step foot into stores like Victoria's Secret. But as The New York Times reported in this piece, women are pretty much over that whole 'male gaze' thing, and new bra companies are springing up to meet the demands of the modern, confident woman.

So if you hate bra shopping, fear not — these four brands are here to offer you a new, more woman-friendly bra shopping experience, and you won't even have to leave the house.

1. .  Adore Me


You may have already heard of Adore Me; out of the 4 sites included in this list, Adore Me has gained a certain level of popularity for its unique subscription service. In addition to standard sizes in a variety of styles, the site also offers plus sizes, pajamas, and activewear, as well as a monthly membership service. It's basically a bra-of-the-month club, except you get to pick your bra and panty set from your personalized "show room" each month. I don't know about you, but I'd choose that option over having to trek through multiple department stores on an underwear hunt any day.

2. .  Lively


If you like track pants as much as you like well-fitting bras, then Lively's probably going to seem like a dream come true for you. Founder Michelle Cordeiro Grant used to work for Victoria's Secret before she left to start her own company that would focus on bringing together all the best parts of lingerie, active wear, and swim wear. It's all part of what they've dubbed the "leisurée" movement — a mix of a lingerie and athleisure. There's not a huge variety of sizes available, unfortunately — the cup sizes stop at DD and the undies at a 12 — but it seems like a great option for those within that range. Plus, it seems like they have plans to expand at some point, so keep your eye on this one.

3. .  ThirdLove


Anyone who's ever gone through the quiet hell of spending the day in an ill-fitting bra will agree that fit is everything, and luckily for you, it's a rule that the team at ThirdLove swear by. ThirdLove is using their "passion for fit" to change the way bras are made; instead of using the same standard measurements that everyone else in the industry uses, their San Francisco-based team has developed their own sizing style that includes half cups. You know what that means? Anyone who's spent their adult life being between (standard) sizes can take a huge sigh of relief now.

4. .  Lonely


Lonely may seem like a strange name for a lingerie brand, but this New Zealand-based company is all about keeping it real. Their "Lonely Girls Project" featured stunning photographs of a variety of women wearing Lonely products in their own spaces, and in their own unique style. It's a refreshing change from the made-mostly-for-heterosexual-men style of lingerie ads many women have grown up with, and is pleasantly in line with the brand's mission to celebrate the strength and individuality of all women.

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