These Constellation Piercings Are All The New Rage For Celebrities

Getting pierced? You need to see these pretty constellation piercings.

Want to get pierced like the stars? Then you need to get pierced with stars. According to celebrity piercer Brian Keith, who's even worked with Beyonce, the hottest trend in jewelry is constellation piercings.

Refinery 29 shares that a constellation piercing is a group of piercings resembling a cluster of stars. The piercings usually come in three or more and can feature little gems, rings and stars. The technique isn't new but it's become super trendy lately because constellation piercings aren't a big commitment. They can be done just on the earlobes and can be made to look as dainty (or as bold) as you want.  "Right now, I am really into doing something big paired with something dainty — like a planet and a couple of moons," Thompson says. "It just looks really cool."

He points out that constellation piercings can even fix an old, off-center piercing by creating a pretty effect around it. "You can take something that you’re not happy with and give it a brother and sister, becomes something that you’re totally stoked about again," he says.

Check out Thompson's constellation piercings:

 [Photo: Instagram]

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