These Newlyweds Had A Marijuana Bar At Their Wedding

A new way for your wedding guests to get turnt.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

A California couple has just raised the bar for wedding receptions everywhere. When John Elledge and Whitney Alexander got married at a Christmas Tree farm in West Linn, Oregon (where weed is legal), they decided that a plain old open bar just wouldn't cut it. For their reception, the two created a "smoke tent," a space where guests could choose from 13 strains of marijuana to partake in, in lieu of, say, a glass of wine.


The couple took plenty of safety precautions. For starters, they hired a "budtender" to monitor everyone's intake. They also provided transportation for any wedding guests who decided to indulge.


The smoke tent, while unconventional, was apparently a big hit with guests. Elledge, a professional weed grower, told USA TODAY, "We were shocked by how much people loved it. I'm still getting a couple of texts a day from guests who enjoyed the weed tent."


Elledge went on to say that even an 81-year-old woman, who hadn't smoked since the '60s and was skeptical at first, ended up paying a visit to the smoke tent and loving it.


What do you think? Is a smoke tent at a wedding reception totally tasteless or a stroke of genius?

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