These Party Cups Can Tell Everyone If You're Single Or Not

Hookups just got a brand new best friend.

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Relationship statuses aren't just for Facebook anymore. Party Cup is a Kickstarter idea that literally shows everyone at a party whether you're single or not--and it may change hookups forever. 

The idea is pretty simple. Party Cup features a blank space in which guests check off whether they're "single" or "taken." There's also space for your name (or a flirty message) to get the conversation going. The company claims that the cup will "boost the fun," "make new connections" and "improve your odds of getting lucky."

It's kind of genius. Party Cup kills the thrill of the chase, but you no longer have to waste time hitting on someone not interested or worse- taken. Party Cup has currently raised over $13,000 on Kickstarter and needs $25,000 to be fully funded.

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