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These Sisters Came Out To Each Other At The Same Time

The cutest sibling story, ever.

Coming out to your family can be one of the hardest things for a person to do. Two Toronto sisters got the shock of their lives when they came out— at the same time.

According to Buzz Feed, Kay, a 20-year-old student, texted her 15-year-old sister Sam about coming out. "I'm gay," she said. "Okay. As long as your happy I'm happy," her sister responded. To her surprise, Sam then announced that she's bisexual. "I guess I can tell you now that I'm bisexual too. Hahahah." The sisters then joked about how their parents would take the news.

Here's the text exchange between the siblings:

The story has gone viral, with inspired people reaching out to the sisters. “It’s inspiring and nice,” Kay says of the newfound attention. She also advises fellow LGBTQ folks to be ready when they officially come out "because something wild like this attention could happen.” That said, she advises everyone to live their truth. “It’s important to tell people you love. If they don’t accept it, just keep living your life.”


[Photo: Kay/BuzzFeed]

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