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They're Putting Reese's Inside Of Reese's And Our Minds Are Blown

Classic candy may be getting a tasty upgrade TODAY!

Peanut butter and chocolate. It's hard to improve on this perfection but Reese's has found a way.

Reese's may be releasing a new candy featuring Reese's Peanut Butter Cups filled with with Reese’s Pieces. 

Candy aficionados have been whispering about this deliciousness all over social media. A leaked photo of the presumed packaging has chocoholics going crazy.

The brand itself has been mum on details but has been teasing a big announcement on Facebook. In several images, Reese's shows its original cup dreaming of little pieces. The hashtag #Cupfusion seems to be a sneaky way to to make our mouths water. The big unveil is slated for 3:00pm ET today. Nom.

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