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Thigh Brows: The Latest Body Trend That's Just As Ridiculous As It Sounds

Oh well, at least it's not thigh gaps.

Violin hips. Cankles. Saddlebags. We as a society love making up occasionally insulting names for the different parts of a woman's body. The latest obsession sweeping social media? Thigh brows. No, it's not drawing Groucho Marx-esque eyebrows on the tops of their thighs.Thigh brows are the horizontal lines, or folds, that appear at the meeting of your torso and the tops of your thighs when your legs are bent. It is otherwise known as a crease, or a normal thing human bodies do when you move or position yourself a certain way.

Everyone from Khloe Kardashian to Beyonce have been spotted sporting thigh brows on Instagram - probably because they literally can not help it.

At least this trend is inclusive. Literally anyone with legs can emulate it. Progress? At least it's better than that whole thigh gap obsession.

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