This 16-Year-Old Figure Skater Responds To Homophobes Like A Boss

Donovan Carrillo deserves tens across the board for killing them softly with words.

By Eric Shorey

Figure skating is pretty cool! Those dudes are going like 9,000 miles an hour while doing flips and twirls with kitanas on their feet! That's badass.

Another thing that's badass? Telling off homphobes on the internet!

Our new hero, Donovan Carrillo, is great at both figure skating and telling off homophobes, so he's basically the most badass person in the world. After posting a video of his routine to the tune of "Hasta Que te Conocí,” by Juan Gabriel, some internet goblins bombarded the video with nasty anti-gay comments. But Carillo's response kept it classy.

Here's the performance:

And here he is on Twitter, brushin' off them haters (translations via Queerty):

“I’m not bothered being called gay because I’m not. It infuriates me that people see the word ‘gay’ as a joke or an insult towards my hard work.”

“I admire and respect the LGBT community because I’m friends with a lot of their members, but I am not part of that community.”

“The fact that I’m an ice skater does not mean that I’m gay. Just like a soccer player isn’t automatically heterosexual.”

“I thank everyone for your congratulations and words of encouragement. I hope to not disappoint you. I will continue to train.”

But Carillo's song choice, from a recently deceased singer who many suspected was gay, raised eyebrows. Here's Donavon addressing that issue, too:

“My mom is a big, BIG fan and it’s a song that brings her a lot of memories. It’s an ode to my mother and an homage to the Divo.”

On top of being a badass, Donovan is clearly chill as all hell. May we all learn from his example.

[Photo: YouTube Screenshot]



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