This App Shows You Where The Best-Looking Single Men Live

Road trip to Jacksonville! 

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Where are all the good looking guys? New York City? Paris? Milan? If you’re single and hating it, you’ve probably thought about ditching your town and moving to find love in a less hopeless place. Well, there’s an app for that. Dating app Clover claims to know which places have the most (and least) attractive people.

Clover developed its own scoring system of attractiveness. After studying 500,000 of its users, it claims that it can "accurately assess a person’s level of attractiveness." Enough of the science mumbo jumbo. You want to know where the hotties are at!

The top cities to find attractive men: 1. Jacksonville, FL; 2. Scottsdale, AZ; 3. Virginia Beach, VA; 4. Boston, MA; and 5. Minneapolis, MN. Interestingly, five out of the eight top stud states are in the Midwest. Clover claims this is because “rugged outdoors” guys live here. (As a native Midwesterner, I'll tell you from experience that this is a damn lie. I have never met a sexy lumberjack in my life). The least attractive men live in Sunnyvale (Sorry, Silicon Valley nerds) and The Bronx.



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