This App Will Help You Apologize Less In 2016

Sorry, but it's time for women to stop apologizing in every email they send.


By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

We've all done it. "Sorry for bothering you." "I just have a quick question." "Hope this doesn't take up too much of your time." Women are more likely than men to use apologetic statements in their professional emails, and not only is it unnecessary, it weakens your credibility in the eyes of those you're communicating with.

Luckily, there's an app for that. A new Chrome extension called the Just Not Sorry app will help you stop apologizing for your existence and inject more confidence into the messages you send. By underlining offending words or phrases in your emails, the Just Not Sorry app is opening women's' eyes to the way in which they've unknowingly been undermining themselves. The app also offers explanations as to why you might want to consider rephrasing: 

Creator Tami Reiss was inspired by her New Years resolution to stop apologizing so much since its launch in late December, over 11,000 people have downloaded the app in an effort to change the way they communicate. Will you be taking the pledge?

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