This Bar Charges $15 For A Colt 45 In A Paper Bag

So, we're gentrifying drinks now?

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Drinks can be pretty expensive but this is just ridiculous. The bar Saint Felix in Los Angeles, California is pushing a pricey drink under its beer menu. But it isn't some delicious or unique, new cocktail. The bar is selling Colt 45 in a  brown paper bag for $15.

According to First We Feast, the bar is getting dragged by critics on social media for overpriced gentrification. 

Colt 45s have been around forever in rap videos and corner bodegas. Malt liquor gained fame in the '90s by being advertised by Billy Dee Williams. Some have even called so-called "40s" as "liquid crack" for being an inexpensive way to addict people.

Bar owner John Arakaki defends his decision to sell malt liquor to hipsters. "We're not gentrifying anything—that's not even the right word," he tells LAist. "When I was a kid growing up in Cleveland and going to Ohio State, we loved Colt 45 because of the Billy Dee Williams commercials."
“It's not that we're patronizing or mocking,” he added. “It's just a fun nostalgic memory of me and my friends."


[Photo: Instagram]


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