This Bride's Wedding Is Natural Hair Perfection

“I wore my hair this way because it’s how I wear my hair every day”

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Wedding season is here! If you're walking down the aisle, this bride has the inspiration for natural hair perfection. 

Nakyia Whitty and her gorgeous bridesmaids have gone viral after photos from her beach wedding spread across the Internet“I wore my hair this way because it’s how I wear my hair every day,” she told The Huffington Post. “It’s a part of me. I’m proud enough to wear it daily, even more proud to rock it at such a momentous occasion.”

Women have been celebrating the bridal party’s natural beauty and often tell the Houston resident that she's a source of their inspiration. “There have been encouraging words, stories of [women] once being afraid to wear their hair out and now they have the courage. It’s beautiful,” she says. 


“The choices that were made for our wedding were strictly made for our enjoyment...I knew a statement was being made. I didn’t realize it’d be a public one," she added. "But since it has been, I’m glad. I’m glad the stereotypes and negative image on our hair is being exposed. Whoever said our natural hair couldn’t be versatile, classy, or professional? Whoever that was lied.”  

Here are more photos from Nakyia's beautiful day:


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