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This Chef Specializes In The Art Of Cooking Everything With Hennessy

Meet Chef Henny.

“If it ain’t brown, don’t bring it around." Wise words from Chef Henny, the culinary genius who puts Hennessy onto everything. Seriously, everything.

Henny, an artist and chef, has skyrocketed to fame (over one million YouTube views) with unique recipes like Hennana pudding and Henneroni and cheese. First We Feast interviewed the Internet sensation on his ingredient of choice. "It brings all the sauce needed," he explains about the flavor sensation of brown Hennessy cognac.” It just brings a really, really rich, lit, caramel-y-like taste to it."

He says that he is not a paid spokesman for Hennessy but just a genuine fan. His love has cost him millions. Chef Henny says that he turned down a $3 million deal from Luc Belaire to stay true to his cognac roots. "If it ain’t Hen, don’t drink it again. If it ain’t Hennessy I won’t have any."

Check out Chef Henny's popular dish, pancakes and Hennessy, below:

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