This Comedian’s ‘Snapped’ Routine Could Save A Dude's Life

Watching 'Snapped' has taught Owen Benjamin much about life and survival. 

By Matt Muro
“There’s a show called Snapped and it’s about women who murder men and it’s been on 11 years,” says comedian and actor Owen Benjamin, who you might remember from TBS’ Sullivan and Son. “People love it. They can’t get enough of it.” 
Owen’s wife is among those who love it (a little too much, for his comfort). While the comedian points out that a show exclusively about men killing women would be “immediately canceled,” he admits there are “justifiable kills.” Like, say, an abusive dude who's on Tinder during his chick’s birthday. “I hate that guy,” jokes Owen. “I’m glad he’s dead.” 
How to be married and not get murdered

Watch this unless you WANT to be murdered by the person you love. Watching "Snapped" on Oxygen has taught me a lot about life and survival. for custom songs. Tell me what you want your song about, throw a tip in the jar, and i'll send you one. Subscribe to my podcast on iTunes

Posted by Owen Benjamin on Thursday, November 19, 2015
But most of the killings aren’t like that, Owen says, citing a woman who was forced to move when her husband got a job and became addicted to online gambling because she missed her mother. “That’s what happens,” said his wife approvingly after the woman shot her husband in the head as he slept. 
Watch Owen break down the differences between the sexes in his standup routine and imagine how he might be killed in an episode of Snapped. If you're a dude, it just might save your life. 
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