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This Country Music Legend Is In Deep Sh*t For His Anti-Beyonce Rant

The #Beyhive can't.

So basically it's been a mess over at the CMAs since Beyonce performed with the Dixie Chicks and shut the internet down. The CMAs reportedly took down all remnants of the viral performance and had to answer to more than just the Beyhive.

Afer her performance, some incorrectly referring to her as "anti-police" and racist, and it seemed that not only fans felt that way - but artists too. 

Travis Tritt, a legendary country music artist, had a few things to say back in November. And now, he's clarifying his thoughts in a new interview with Nash Country Daily.

"Race has nothing to do with it," he said. "That’s what I’ve tried to make clear from the very beginning. We should be better than that. To make everything about race—to me—it makes me sad to be honest..."

"First of all, they said that I trashed Beyoncé, which I never did," he continued. "I never made a statement saying anything bad about her personally. All I said was that her performance—in my humble opinion—her performance as well as any of the other performances that have been on from the pop world, including Ariana Grande, Meghan Trainor, Justin Timberlake or whoever, do not belong. I don’t think they belong on any country music show. Especially on a country music show that was a 50-year celebration—an anniversary of what was supposed to be the entire 50-year history of country music awards—the CMA Awards show.

"The other thing that frustrated me was the fact, and it has frustrated me for years, is the fact that for every pop performance or R&B performance or any other type of genre performance that you have on the CMA Awards, that takes time away from somebody who is a country music artist, doing country music songs, releasing country music singles to radio, selling country music under that moniker to people all across the country and across the world," he continued. "That’s taking time away from them. There are other artists that could have been just as much of a draw and that really should have been involved in that slot to celebrate the music that they have helped to create."

It wasn’t so much about just Beyoncé," he said. "This is a complaint that I’ve heard for a long time, actually for decades. Back in the ’90s, it was Elton John or Sting or whoever. Every year the CMA television producers feel a need to bring in acts from other genres, and it’s always done to boost ratings. I understand the concept behind that but at the same time I’ve always found it a little bit insulting— from the standpoint of being a country music artist—because this is a format that I’ve been a part of since the very beginning in my career. It’s a format that I have seen grow a tremendous amount in the 27 years that I’ve been doing this.

"It makes about as much sense to me as it would make sense to bring Eminem in on the Dove Awards. But you wouldn’t do that because it doesn’t fit the format. That’s my humble opinion.”

Oh, ok. So it has nothing to do with race at all. Also, Eminem wouldn't be invited to any gospel music awards? Um, according to who? Sounds like a whole bunch of roundabout excuses for a pretty simple conclusion: you and your music are not welcomed here.  

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