This Daddy-Daughter Hair School Will Give You All The Feels

It's not just about hair, it's about bonding.

The life of a single parent is never easy. Single father Phil Morgese found himself at a loss when it came to styling his daughter Emma's hair, but once he got the hang of it, he decided to share his expertise and, in the process, build a community.

Morgese founded the Daddy Daughter Hair Factory a year ago to help other dads learn to style their daughters' hair. It's not just about learning to do a braid or a bun, though; Morgese wants to help other dads see that doing their daughters' hair is a great opportunity to bond.

"I try to encourage [the other dads]. You know, even a messy braid is still time spent together, and that's really the most important part," Morgese said. "It's not about the braid, it's about the bond."

To date, more than 300 men have attended 34 free classes hosted by the Factory, and the community has grown to include over 40k followers on Facebook. As Morgese says, fatherhood really is evolving. Check out their 60-second documentary below, if your heart can take it.

[Photo: Youtube]

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