This Food App Lets You Buy Leftovers From Restaurants For $3

Too Good to Go lets you buy restaurant leftovers for cheap.

Food delivery apps like Seamless and UberEats are getting more popular. But what about leftovers? An estimated 2.7 trillion pounds of food is wasted every year and a new app wants to change that.

Too Good To Go is a food app that links eaters with local restaurants that have perfectly good (and untouched) leftovers at a very cheap price. As Business Insider shares, users browse area restaurants and select a type of food they want to order. Then, they go to the restaurant at the end of lunch or dinner to pick it up.

Because it's food the restaurant was going to throw away anyways, everything is priced very affordably from $2.60 to $5.30. It's a great way to try out a restaurant that may usually be outside of your price range.

Too Good to Go is currently available in the UK but it has plans to expand. Hopefully, this ingenius and tasty idea makes it stateside soon.

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