This Former Stripping Yale Graduate Wants Your Congressional Vote

....And why shouldn't she get it?

Jordan Taylor is not only a former stripper. She's most importantly a Yale graduate, and currently a hopeful Congressional leader in South Carolina.

In 2012, Jordan became an intern at the White House under Barack Obama's presidency. At the time, she was also attending college and stripping to make ends meet. It's a survival economy! 

Now a pole instructor and running politician, Taylor continues to face backlash for her choices, but she makes a profound statement about the issue -- that it really shouldn't be an issue at all.

"It's interesting because I had a supporter ask me, 'What am I supposed to tell my daughters about you pole dancing and stripping?'" she recalled. "Then Donald Trump's comment about grabbing women by the p*ssy came out, and my immediate thought was - and this person is a Trump supporter - if you're not concerned about what this man is saying and you're more concerned about explaining to your daughters that I danced and that I'm owning my sexuality and using it to make my life better, then that's already a problem."

The problems Taylor intends to address are climate change, equal rights, and sexual assault-- as a survivor. Learn more about Jordan Taylor by watching the Elite Daily video below:

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[Photo: Twitter / Youtube Screenshot]

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