This Instagram Model Shared The Dangers Of Getting Her Illegal 59-Inch Butt

She almost lost a friend to the procedure, but she's still happy with hers...

By Aimée Lutkin

If you still haven’t heard, paying unlicensed randos to inject unregulated materials into your body is potentially dangerous and deadly. So why do people keep doing it? In part, societal pressure to change themselves, and also because for some people it causes problems on a much slower or minimal scale. Those are the stories the phony “doctors” point to when they’re trying to get you to come down to the basement and get cement put in your butt.

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A woman named Courtney Barnes is such a success story. Complex reports that Barnes makes her living as a cam girl, Instagram model, and party host. She did a short documentary about her experience with a “Pumping Party” to make her butt bigger, and in it she explains, “It was a risk I was willing to take at the time and I was lucky not to have any complications. I was naive and I admit I didn’t know what I was putting into my body, but at the time, a lot of women in Florida were getting it done, and I found a local woman who could do it."

While Barnes came through the process okay, she admits it was very risky and knows others who weren’t so lucky. She says, “You don’t know how your body is going to react. It is still something foreign that’s in your body. It’s a gamble. A close friend of mine got it removed and she ended up having to have blood transfusions and she was in the hospital for months. It was a nightmare for her."


A plastic surgeon named  Dr. Constantino Mendieta also spoke in the documentary, and stressed how dangerous these injections can be and that Barnes is not out of the woods yet:

“They are dangerous because the injections are given into the vein that goes into the lungs and people have died. So there is an immediate danger to it, but then there is a long-term danger. She is starting to get some skin changes in the buttock area. So I think Courtney is headed for some problems down the road."


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But right now it doesn’t seem like Barnes has any regrets, and she certainly loves her body. She says her goal in life is to be positive about how she looks, and says, “I want to show men, women, and children that it is possible to be beautiful, smart, and have a big ass."

That’s all true! Just don’t let your big ass weigh down your health.

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