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This Is How Women And Men See Work Differently

When you look at the stats, it's not surprising at all.

Women and men work together but their experiences in the workplace couldn't be more different. According to a new study by LeanIn.Org and McKinsey & Co., one of the largest of its kind, women have a totally different perspective when it comes to getting promotions and feeling fulfilled at work.

Women perceive a steep climb to the top of the corporate ladder, per the Wall Street Journal. Less than half feel that promotions are given out fairly or that the best employees get the best opportunities. By comparison, men didn't seem to feel any of this gender inequity. Men are more likely to be promoted and felt confident in their own opportunity to becoming an executive.

The study results were gathered from data at 132 global companies as well as surveys with 34,000 men and women. The numbers don't lie. For every 100 women promoted to management, 130 men are promoted. Women who do negotiate for higher salaries and positions are often given stereotypical pushback: 30% are more likely to be thought of as “bossy,” “too aggressive” or “intimidating."



The gap between the genders is even steeper when it comes to women of color. The study notes that this group faces the most barriers to advancement.

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