Here Is The Surprising Reason J.Lo And Drake Were Dressed Up For Prom

And no, this "friend" says it wasn't a music video.

By Jazzi Johnson

When rumors of J.Lo and Drake began to swirl, AubRih fans everywhere collectively moaned in a Kid Cudi hum-- including Rihanna. Then, videos surfaced of the two dancing and kissing at some mysterious Winter Wonderland Prom, which basically looked like a propaganda video for their love. Not only did that ignite rumors that the hype is only for a music video, but then music snobs everywhere heard what appears to be a remix to Black Coffee's "Superman" in the background - now sung by the hot-on-the-press couple, and freaked TF out.

So, what is the truth?

The speculation is high, but according to one source via Us Weekly - said to be a "friend" of the couple - there is no music video to come from the night out and the whole thing was a gesture of love. According to the source, Drake only came up with the prom idea after learning that J.Lo had never been able to attend her own, due to her strict all-girls Catholic high school. He reportedly hired a band, had the place decorated in snowflakes and metallic foil, and arranged for the two to be crowned prom king and queen surrounded by friends and family.

“He wanted her to have that experience,” said a source close to Drake. Not only was it meant to be meaningful to her, but to him as well. “She was his childhood crush!”

“They listen to music and talk a lot,” added a Lopez source. “They’re both single, attractive and have a lot in common, so it’s natural. They really like each other.”

Damn, that's pretty sweet Drake. 

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