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This Little Girl Encourages Her Dad While He Does Her Hair -- And It's Too Adorable

He definitely looked like he could use the pep talk!

Viral videos with parents and their super adorable kids are the best. Lately, the most popular ones have been of children and their dads-- from slaying photos to makeup routines to selfie wars. The latest video to hit the net is no different.

In this one, father Derrick Culpepper is seen styling his daughter's hair. At first, she's explaining to him how to get her hair up in afro puffs.

“How am I doing? Do I need some more grease?" her father asks. “Yes,” she answers. “You need more grease on there, then you need to brush it, then you need a band on it.”

She pauses for a few seconds to see his progress then continues with the encouragement. “You’re getting there! You’re almost done — you’re doing a good job,” she cheers while watching him in the mirror.

And then their heartfelt exchange afterwards will melt your heart:

“Thank you so much, sweetheart," he replies. "Daddy’s trying to do the best I can." 

“You’re doing great,” she reassures.

“You’re so encouraging to Dad. I really appreciate you so much. You’re so awesome,” he replies.

Beneath the YouTube post uploaded by the father, he explains, "I have been a barber pretty much all my life and still find it difficult to style my daughter's hair.. My 3yr old daughter keeps me encouraged when I attempt to do her hair. She has been listening to her mother Lakisha Culpepper and I'm so thankful that she demonstrates godly encouragement for our kids to see and hear.."

"Parents our kids are listening," he continues. "I decided to share this video because it got so much attention on my FB page and others are sharing... Hope it inspires other dads..."

We hope it inspires others too—moms and dads. Keep up the good work!

[Photo: Youtube]


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