This Might Be The Most Empowering Photo Amber Rose Has Ever Posted On Instagram

Rose is all about embracing "derogatory labels," but are you inspired by it?

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Amber Rose just may be the most unbothered person in the history of social media. Whether she's getting blasted because of her past as a stripper or getting slammed for showing off her pubic hair on Instagram, she seems to have mastered not letting the hate get to her.

It's that unshakeable confidence that SlutWalk is all about. Rose's annual feminist event aims to combat sexual injustice and gender inequality, and in an effort to spread the word, the activist/entrepreneur posted a jaw-dropping photo of her diverse crew clad in black lace, leather, and mesh on her Instagram page yesterday.

"A Slut, a F*ggot, a Queer, a Fat B*tch and a MAN," Rose wrote in the caption. "We embrace all of the derogatory labels that are thrown at us. We've been sexually abused/assaulted, verbally abused, victim blamed, slut shamed and dealt with A lot of double standards on my team so if you're anything like us or want to take a stand with us go to to sign up, volunteer and/or donate!"

There's definitely power in owning your own sexuality, especially if you belong to a group who are shamed for being themselves. That's what makes Rose's photo so powerful. Instead of being ashamed, a "slut, a f*ggot, a queer, a fat b*tch and a man" are embracing who they are and proudly sharing themselves with the world.

But that's just one person's opinion (but, to be fair, it seems to be shared by the 246k people who have liked the pic since it was posted yesterday.) Are you a fan of Rose's brand of feminism, or is it a no for you? Check out her post below and form your own opinion.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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