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This Photo Of Teyana Taylor Fangirling Over Her "Shero" Is Everything!

Find someone who looks at you like Teyana looks at Anna Wintour!

If I saw Teyana Taylor on the street I’d scream my head off with excitement. Luckily for Teyana Taylor, we will likely never meet, but even celebrities freak out over other celebrities now and then, and they’re able to get much closer to them.

On International Women’s Day, Taylor posted a pic of her “shero” - Anna Wintour - as she calls her. It’s unclear if Taylor saw her recently or not, but who cares. This photo is hilarious:

Taylor shrieking directly one row behind the famous Vogue Editor is the perfect picture of a fangirl freaking out. She captioned it, “#nationalwomensday My SHEroooooooooo #CreepLife #AnnaWintour #IwasGoingCrazy #PushaWasLaughingAtMeLmao #YallKnowHowIFeelAboutAnna #HerBobWasLitInPersonJustLikeIKnewItWouldBe #ImAlmostSh*tMyPants".

I don’t know if she posed for this or if it’s incredible luck, but it makes me love Teyana Taylor even more. I hope one day to sit behind her at a gala or something. I promise not to sh*t my pants.

[Photo: Instagram]

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