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This Sex Injury Story Went Viral On Snapachat Because It's Hilariously Insane

This is the measure of true love.

Accidents happen, especially in the middle of the night when you're super horny. BET reports that a woman's Snapchat story went viral after people became completely enamored by her excellent memes describing how her boyfriend bit through her head:

Happily for us, the entire thing has been uploaded on Imgur so we can be taken through this sex disaster step-by-step. First of all, her boyfriend has got some sharp front teeth:

I hope they stay together, because you don't want your ex to have taken a big chomp out of your head! 

So how did this happen? Allow her to explain:

And they're still together! Love is real, middle of the night sex is good, but you do need a nightlight for the really acrobatic stuff.

[Photo: Snapchat]

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