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This Teacher Was Harassed Online Because Of Her Incredible Looks

Let #TeacherBae LIVE.

The internet tends to blow up stories about ordinary people with regular jobs who just happen to be extraordinarily hot. Especially if they have a public Instagram feed. A teacher named Tricey Brown who works in a fourth grade classroom in Atlanta had to make her Instagram private after attracting a whole lot of attention for her incredible looks and penchant for selfies. She was dubbed #TeacherBae on social media, and it seemed like everyone had to weigh in on her. Many comments were just: DAMN.

Which kind of borders on the line between flattering and obnoxiously sexualizing someone. Yes, Brown has got curves, but her clothing is appropriate for work. She just manages to make business casual look glam. Many pointed out that if she were a skinnier white lady, she wouldn’t be getting all this negative attention for pretty normal clothes. Unfortunately, lots of men and women felt comfortable making comments about her body, telling her she wasn’t fit to teach, etc.

It got to the point that people were wondering if all the attention would get Brown fired from her job.

The Atlanta Public Schools system finally had to issue a statement, according to AJC.com, saying, “Atlanta Public Schools can confirm that Patrice Brown is a paraprofessional employed with the district… She was given guidance regarding the APS Employee Dress Code, the use of social media, and Georgia Code of Ethics for educators, and she has been cooperative in addressing her presence on social media."

Basically, they seem to understand that this whole thing has definitely gotten out of Ms. Brown’s hands. At least a few people are trying to show her doing what she does best: teaching.

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