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This Teen Artist Does Incredible Portraits Of North West, Kylie Jenner, And More

It works because North West can't take a selfie yet.

Everyone has hobbies, and teen Instagram artist Cian Halliwell’s hobbies are drawing as many amazing portraits of her favorite celebrities as she can in the hopes that those celebrities see and acknowledge her work. And they should, it’s really good!


It’s interesting to see Halliwell’s skill progress on her account. She’s only 19, yet her work has grown by leaps and bounds since she started documenting stuff on Insta. Here’s an early drawing of Kylie and Kendall:


Now look at these series of North West portraits:


It’s a bit odd to be so into North West, who is a baby after all, but they’re pretty great. We can see even see North West in all her cartoon iterations:


I think my favorite piece is Halliwell’s Kylie Jenner make up kit tribute, and it looks like someone else liked it too:


Believe in your dreams, kids, and you too might get reposted someday.


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