This Trend Is Supposedly The New Duck Face, And It Has A Gross Name

Are you already guilty of doing it?

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

We're a generation that grew up knowing how to "smize" in all of our photos and perfecting the angles that made us look best in selfies. The ever-popular "duck face" is out though - if you're looking for Instagram fame, you'll now be imitating a new animal.

Introducing the "fish gape," an expression that is, according to StyleCaster, intended to make your face look thinner and your cheekbones higher.

To achieve this look, simply part your lips into a very loose pout, which should naturally suck your cheeks in ever so slightly. Do you feel stupid? Congratulations - you're probably doing it right. It shouldn't look like a pose at all, but a natural, slightly-surprised expression. 

It may sound silly, but plenty of celebs are guilty of adopting the fish gape while posing on the red carpet. Take a look at a few experts in action, and then try it out during your next selfie photo shoot.

Nicki Minaj:

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley:

Jennifer Lopez:

Little Mix's Jesy Nelson:

Kiera Knightley:

Gigi Hadid:

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