This Makeup Artist Stumbled Upon A Meme Of Himself And Ethered The Creator

Some people would call this divine intervention.

By Eric Shorey

The year is 2017. Our world is on the verge of total collapse but despite pushback from the right, at least everyone is in agreement that anyone can wear makeup on their face if they want to.

Well, maybe not everyone. A hateful tweet featuring a picture of an impeccably stylish young black man sent many on Twitter reeling:

The person depicted in the image is @Trayoncemua, aka Trayvon Dickerson, a 19-year-old makeup artist whose face is so perfectly beat for the gawds that it's hard to believe anyone would come for it. Trayvon had originally shared the picture using the #blackgayslay hashtag.

Luckily, Australian supermodel Emily Sears took note of the nasty post and clapped-the-f*ck-back:

Trayonce wasn't having none of that foolishness, either-- and his clapback was 10x harder than anyone could've prayed for:

Seems like Trayoncé is emerging from this scuffle as the victor. Now we all gotta follow them on social media and take style tips from this sartorial slayer. That's the real T.

h/t: Teen Vogue

[Photo: Twitter]

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