This Web Series Spotlights Consent In A Sexy Way

Sex PSAs from the female perspective? Yes, please.

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

Consent during sex is essential but it's not always the easiest--or sexiest--thing to discuss. How do you talk about consent without killing the mood? Emily Best, founder and CEO of the indie film crowdfunding company Seed&Spark, aims to tackle that with her NSFW web series, F*CK YES

In the first episode, "Protection," a couple realizes that they dont have a condom. The three-minute clip covers that necessary--and very real-- conversation of what happens next.

Best worked with an all-women team to produce, write and direct the series. She told Mashable that she's been thinking about the topic of consent--and how women can feel sexy and empowered talking about it. "I told [a male friend], 'If a girl leans in and whispers all the things she wants you to do to her, that's not sexy?' and he immediately got it," she says. 

Watch "Protection" below:

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