This Welsh Teen Has The Goth-iest Instagram Ever

"Lipstick can be more thought-provoking than police brutality and war."

Summer is hard for goth kids, but one Welsh teen is helping us stay spooky until October rolls around. Meet girlacne (real name: Caleb Morris), the 16 year-old makeup artist who is inspiring guys and ghouls around the world.


Morris' instagram account, which already has over 13,000 followers, is a vertible managerie of dark haute couture looks. Taking inspiration from gothic legends like Alexander McQueen and Leigh Bowery, Morris has provided a fresh young spin on ghastly fashion. Their style has garnered them some high-profile fans, including FKA twigsBrooke Candy, and Kat von D.


"’Im very inspired by any half-human creatures, mermaids, aliens, witches and that kind of stuff," said Morris to Dazed Digital. "Some of it could be labeled drag, but a lot of it is stuff I’m just wearing to go out with friends."


"It’s sad, but it sometimes feels like lipstick can be more thought-provoking than police brutality and war," they added. "I think my biggest goal is to make as many people as possible more open-minded and thoughtful through art."


You can follow girlacne over here.

[Photos: Instagram]

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