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This Woman Blew Up The Internet With Her Crazy Story About Finding Love Via Uber

A love story almost gone right... but, you know, 2016.

Uber is great for getting around but not so great for your heart. One woman shared her story of trying to—unsuccessfully—get a date with her Uber driver. Kelli, a student from Washtington, D.C., tweeted the entire thing, which read like a bad rom-com. 

It all started when she first noticed that her Uber driver had a hot voice and looks to match. "He fine...Got a beard. Wearing glasses. All good things," she shares. She isn't ready to just ask him out so she devises a brillant scheme to leave her charger in his car by "accident." This will give her a reason to reach out to him after the ride. 

She's excited. 30 minutes later, she reaches out about her "lost item." She's sent to voicemail. No worries. It's late. Next day, no response. "So like midday, around 2ish I call again...and once again get sent to voicemail." By midnight she's lost all hope and goes back to her studies. But before she gives up, he ends up hitting her back to meet up with the charger. OMG! So exciting. Kelli can't focus in school. She's stressed about seeing her crush. She hastily puts on her face to see him. 

They share a cute back and forth. This could really be it. So, she takes her shot. "Excuse me if this is really forward, but would you like to go out sometime?" she asks. Yes!

He tells her to text him. Success! Love at last! She's so happy...until he tells her that...he's married. The prince turned out to be a toad. Worst. Crush. Ever.


Head to BuzzFeed for all the tweets.

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