3 Teens Charged In Viral Video Death Of 16-Year-Old Amy Joyner-Francis

An autopsy determined the teen did not die from blunt force trauma.

By Jazzi Johnson

The tragic death of Amy Joyner-Francis is one that can never get better, but only gain clarity and closure for her loved ones. The 16-year-old was found unresponsive in the bathroom of Howard High School of Technology in Wilmington, Delaware after being ambushed by three girls last month, and died from her resulting injuries just moments later.

An autopsy has determined that Joyner-Francis did not die from blunt force trauma, as expected. However, it was due to a pre-existing heart condition, which the verbal and physical confrontation heightened to a degree of excessive stress. “In layman’s terms," reads the official statment, "the Medical Examiner determined that Amy died from a cardiac incident that she was vulnerable to because of a pre-existing heart condition, but the cardiac incident would not have occurred if she had not been assaulted."

Shortly after the event, Joyner-Francis can be seen on the viral video falling into cardiac arrest after attempting to stand, following the three girls' exit form the restroom.

The dreadful event on April 21 was only supposed to be a verbal confrontation in regards to a boy, according to investigators. But one of the three girls-- Trinity Carr --became physical, punching Joyner-Francis in the chest and head, as well as slamming her head against a sink. Carr, whom the DOJ is looking to try as an adult, may face up to eight years for criminally negligent homicide.

According to DelawareOnline, "the two other girls, Zion Snow and Chakeira Wright, will be charged with third-degree criminal conspiracy, punishable by up to one year in prison." Since neither of them actually hit the victim, Amy, nor have any prior criminal activities, they will be sent to Family Court as juveniles.

Sonny Francis, the father of the victim Amy, only had this to say: "I thought schools were a safe place. I think this is a dream and I'm trying to wake up," he said. "All I know is my daughter is gone. She was the love of my life and it hurts."

There's no winning parties here. We send love to all who are suffering from this tragedy, and hope that everyone-- especially the young-- will take this as a learned lesson against violence.

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