T.I. Slams "Young" Haters For Roasting His Tupac-Inspired Outfit

Is he mad or is he mad?

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

T.I.'s got a bone to pick with "young, forever commentating, over-opinionated young muuuf*ckaz" who didn't approve of one of his recent outfit choices.

The rapper performed at Tupac Shakur's induction into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame on Friday and in honor of the occasion, recreated one of Tuac's most iconic outfits. Because the internet is a cruel, unforgiving place, T.I. was dragged ruthlessly because of it β€”Β and I do mean ruthlessly.

Clearly, T.I. is a man unafraid to take fashion risks, and he's willing to stand up for those choices, too. T.I. fired back at all the haters via an Instagram post earlier this week.

"Guess you just had to be there," he wrote. "Y'all young, forever commentating, over-opinionated muuuuf*ckaz got sh*t to say ALWAYS!!! When the Biggie sh*t went left because a muuuuf*cka from YALL Generation forgot the words y'all had a f*ckin FIT!!! Now some Real ni66*z wit Real love in they hearts get up & dedicate themselves to honor the legacy of a True American Hip Hop Rock & Roll Legend, that would make Him & His Family Proud.... It's some negative shit to be said about that as well."

Do you agree with T.I.'s take? Check out the full post below.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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