Tila Tequila's GoFundMe For New Furniture Passes Goal

Someone donated $1200...

By Eric Shorey

It's hard to make fun of someone having a visible public breakdown, but avoiding the human car wreck that is Tila Tequila (who once proclaimed herself the cosmic bride of Hitler and got booted off Celebrity Big Brother) is almost impossible.

With that in mind, how is our batshit beauty doing? Apparently not so bad after her GoFundMe campaign for new furniture has surpassed it's goal by upwards of $4,000. Tila has promised to call every person who donates to thank them personally. 

"The reason why I am creating this GoFundMe campaign is because they have raised the rent at my old home to $4,500 a month," Tequila wrote on the page earlier this month. "Being a single mother without any support from the father, it can sometimes be very tough taking care of 2 people with only a one person income ... It is going to cost a lot to start off, and that is why I am asking you all for your help."

Homegoods acquiring aside, Tila Tequila's twitter account has been a veritible fountain of wisdom lately. Warning us of the dangers of our reptillian shapeshifting overlords and answering existential mysteries, Tila's spiritual mastery is markedly more, uh, creative from when she first appeared on the scene as a MySpace icon. Here's a few of her greatest hits from recent memory:

Best of luck to Tila Tequila on her seraphic journey to ascend to the 29th celestial dimension via affordable Target furniture, or whatever.

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