Tim Curry Makes A Cameo In The New 'Rocky Horror' Trailer

"It's not easy having a good time."

By Eric Shorey

The most wonderful time of year (Halloween, not Christmas, ya losers) is slowly approaching. While the spookiest season seems far away, we're actually only a few months from horror and hayrides. And this fall, we've got something special to look forward to: the release of the Rocky Horror Picture Show remake starring Laverne Cox.

While sneak peaks of the upcoming event have been slowly spilling out onto the Internet for months, just yesterday a newer, even bigger trailer for the remake of the midnight classic was released:

But like Frank-n-urter says: it's not easy having a good time. Not everyone is thrilled with the casting decisions made for the new feature. While some worried about the questionable queer semiotics of hiring a trans woman to play a male transvestite, others celebrated the reinterpration of the role as a victory for diversity. Either way, Cox's interpretation of the character seems to be a dead-on impersonation of the space-alien rebel from the 1975 version of the film.

Nonetheless, shoutouts (both literal and figurative) to the original movie in the new teaser are plentiful, with Tim Curry's role as The Criminologist as the most noteworthy. 

The Rocky Horror Picture Show will air on Fox on October 31, 2016.


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