Tim Gunn Just Dissed Kanye And The Kardashians

Gunn described the Kardashians as being surrounded by an "aura of yuck."

The Kardashian/Jenner clan just took some heat from Rebel Wilson. Now they're under fire from Project Runway's Tim Gunn.

During an interview with HuffPo Live, everyone's favorite Project Runway mentor did not hold back when the subject of the Kardashians arose. For starters, Gunn had this fashion rule to share: "If you want guidance in fashion, just consider this: If a Kardashian is wearing it, don't."

Shots fired! He went on to describe the Kardashians as having an "aura of yuck" and not even Kanye - or his fashion line - was safe.

"I think they're a bunch of dumb clothes," Gunn said of Kanye's latest collection, going on to describe them as just basic pieces. "He won't [like that comment], but let me tell you, the whole Kardashian clan doesn't like me, so no surprises there."

Well, tell us how you really feel, Tim! Watch the rest of the interview below.

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