Tituss Burgress Eviscerates Homophobic Moving Company On Social Media

"You messed with the wrong Queen."

By Eric Shorey

Hell hath no fury like a wine-swigging queen scorned. See: Titus Burgress (of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt) and his latest social media takedown of a moving company that did him wrong. 

When Frank's Moving Company attempted to blackmail a positive Yelp review out of the actor, Burgress clapped back with an apocalyptically angry social media response. It began with a necessarily nasty Yelp:

But the much-deserved shade soon spilled onto other networks as he tweeted out screenshots of the hateful texts he recieved from the company:

Making sure everyone knew about his bad experience, Burgress recapped the whole thing on Insta:


Well, that's the last time anyone hires this business.

One word: Slayed.


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