Tomi Lahren Spent The Oscars Making Herself Look Like A Fool

So proud to be ignorant!

By Aimée Lutkin

Newsflash: It seems Tomi Lahren didn’t learn anything from Trevor Noah schooling her on racism. Lahren gets most of her attention by being a troll online, who is also hot. Lots of people are taken in by the combo of blonde hair and shameless attention-grabbing tweets, including Charlemagne, who came to Lahren’s defense. Luckily, Wale still gets it. Calling Tomi “Tammy” is the most simple and hilarious own they could have devised.

Whenever there’s a big event, Lahren goes fishing for idiot followers by connecting herself to it. BET reports that on the night of the Oscars, Lahren has her own “award show” called the Flakies, which I refuse to look up but assume is connected to calling liberals “snowflakes” or maybe to her dandruff buildup. It must have been an incredible event because Lahren had a lot of down time to watch and tweet about the Oscars during it. At one point she wrote, “Tonight the Hollywood elite will head to their fancy after-parties with security, guest lists, and extreme vetting. Ironic.”

That is neither what irony nor “extreme vetting” means.

That night at the Oscars, Iranian director Asghar Farhadi won Best Foreign Language film for The Salesman. He decided to boycott the show to protest Trump’s Muslim Ban, and of course Lahren tried to weigh in, tweeting, “Feel free to stay in Iran. I hear it's nice there. Good terror training grounds.”

Honestly, what does that even mean? It’s like she’s trying to be sarcastic, but it just sounds like she thinks training to be a terrorist sounds nice! She followed that up with, “Foreign film translation: Iranian filmmakers don't like new POTUS because they're used to former POTUS kissing their behinds.”

Tomi Lahren is a bit out of her depth to talk about foreign policy in Iran or anywhere in the Middle East, but if there’s one thing that Lahren isn’t afraid to do it’s wade around in her own crap.

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