Trevor Noah Pranked North Carolinians To Prove Anti-Gay Laws Are Stupid

Daily Show correspondents show actual North Carolinians what it's like to be discriminated against.

Current Daily Show host Trevor Noah has a problem with North Carolina's extreme anti-gay laws. And so he should: any legislation that legalizes discrimination should be subject to extreme scrutiny from politicians and comedians alike. But how would one even enforce a law so patently ridiculous?

Watch as Daily Show correspondents attempt to see what HB2 (which allows businesses to refuse to serve people who they think might be gay on the basis of "religious freedom") would look like in action, much to the chagrin of actual North Carolinians, who just want some tasty snacks:

Huh! Turns out most people really don't like the idea of businesses being able to refuse to serve people based on their arbitrarily perceived sexual orientation. Who could have possibly guessed?

Perhaps unsurpsingly, this social experiment is also backed up by data, which shows that 70% of North Carolinians feel that the passage of HB2 is a state-wide embarrassment.

Meanwhile, North Carolina's lawmakers continue to fight for their right to hate while losing boatloads of money due to their heinous and bigoted decisions. 

Will NC's politicians be swayed by this sketch? Probably not, but we can at least all agree that that barbeque food looks delicious.

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