Trey Songz Slammed Nicki Minaj And Took Credit For Launching Her Career

This is about to get ugly.

By Sharon Lynn Pruitt

Are Nicki Minaj and Trey Songz really beefing again? It looks like it.

In case you missed it, Nicki and Trey got into it a couple weeks back after Remy Ma's "ShETHER" came out. In the song, Remy implies that Nicki hooked up with Trey and Nicki then went at Trey for not denying it quickly enough, or in the right way. Or something.

Anyway, it all seemed to die down — for a little while, anyway. Billboard reports that during a recent interview on Power 105.1's The Breakfast Club, Trey went in on Nicki and their mini feud.

"Nicki ain't have sh*t before 'Bottoms Up,'" Trey said, referencing the song he and Nicki did together in 2010. "She got a single with Sean Garrett. After that, she did 'Monster' and then [she blew up]. All before that, it was looks. You was hanging with Wayne. It was the wild girl with wild hair. I love you, Nicki. I love you. You came at me wrong. You disrespected me, but I love you."

"You're gonna be petty, I'm gonna be petty, too," he said later. "What you talking about? You ain't say nothing to Remy. It still took you a week to say something to Remy."

"She'll probably be mad about this, but y'all gotta realize I don't give a f*ck about nothing," he finished later.

Something tells me this might get messy. Check out a clip from the interview below.

[Photo: Getty Images]
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