Trina Defends Trick Daddy's Awful Anti-Black Women Rant

" I feel like what he said wasn’t so bad." Uhh...

By Eric Shorey

Rap legend Trina is defending Trick Daddy after the latter posted a controversial rant insulting black women on Instagram.

Trick Daddy's tirade attacked black women for...well it's sort of unclear. He seems to just not like black women very much. Check out the (very NSFW) diatribe:

PSA from #trickdaddy

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I don't know how anyone could really come to defend these statements, but Trina seemed to not think anything was so bad: "It's lot of women that need to get their self together,” she said on The Breakfast Club. “I think his choice of words of saying ‘black women’ and using a different race of women is what made it sound crazy.”

Maybe she realized how bad she sounded, because she did eventually backtrack a little bit: “We’re already in this big racial war. That was offensive to women," she added. "Me knowing him as a person – I think the choice of words was just Trick talking how Trick, but meaning it the way everybody perceived it.”

Guess we shouldn't really be looking to Trina for "political correctness" but we can always look towards her endlessly entertaining Facebook page for wisdom:

[Photo: Getty Images]

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