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Tristan Thompson's Dad Wants Him To Leave Khloe And Go Back To His Pregnant Ex

Looks like someone isn't #TeamKhloe.

Tristan Thompson and Khloe Kardashian may be in the honeymoon stage of their new relationship, but there's one person who definitely doesn't approve: Tristan's own father.

Trevor Thompson took to Instagram earlier this week to show support for Tristan's very pregnant ex, Jordan Craig, and to low-key call his son out in the process. On a video post of Jordan at her baby shower, Trevor wrote, "Congratulations on becoming a new mother to be, best wishes to you and the little one coming in to the world."

"May God bless your pregnancy all the way," he continued. "I hope this will open my son's eyes...Time is the master...Bless up....One love, you are welcome always."


Well, it seems pretty clear how Tristan's dad feels about him being with Khloe. Even though sources close to Khloe say that Tristan and Jordan were already broken up before Khloe came into the picture, Trevor clearly isn't a fan of the new relationship.

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